Sunday, July 31, 2016

Masala Oats (Savory Oatmeal)

Oatmeal is not something that was traditionally a part of the Indian cuisine. From what I remember of my childhood, only certain catholic families made it, that too for their sick family members. I once tasted it and didn't like it at all!! The way it was made is by cooking it in water with a pinch of salt! How bland is that?? But now,  oatmeal with fruits and nuts  is what my husband & I have for breakfast on weekdays! How ironic! It has found it's presence in the Indian market too. People have it many different ways but the most common is the savory version of it. Saffola a brand markets pre- packaged savory oats, known as Masala Oats, which can be ready in just 3 minutes. During my last visit to India, I had picked up a pack out of curiosity. It was lying around in my pantry. One day, I made it for my husband for breakfast out of desperation. I didn't have anything else to give him! The funny part, he loved it!! He wanted me to make it more often! I tasted it and found it similar in taste to Maggie 2-minute noodles. Because my husband liked it so much, I tried to re-create it. The result: now I have to make it daily for him for breakfast.

Prep time: 0 minsCook time: 1+ 2 mins
Total time:  3 mins

Servings: 1


Water: 1/2 cup
Instant oats ( plain, not with sugar): 4 tbsp
Mixed vegetables: 2 tbsp ( I used a frozen mix of peas, carrots, beans and corn.
Turmeric powder: a pinch
Salt: a pinch
Garam masala/ curry powder: a pinch

Method :

Add water & vegetables to a pot and bring it to a boil. Now, add all the remaining  ingredients listed, stir, reduce the flame and cook for 2 mins. Cover and keep until ready to serve.

Serve hot.

Enjoy! I am 
 bringing this to Throwback Thursday #49, Fiesta Friday #130 and Saucy Saturday! Angie's co-hosts this week are Judi @ cookingwithauntjuju and Petra @ Food Eat Love.

Cooking made easy:

If you don't have frozen veggies, you can used vegetables that have already been cooked. In which case, you can add all the ingredients to the pot at the same time and cook for 3 mins.

Tip for healthy living:

Breakfast is a very essential first meal of the day. It kick-starts your digestive system, prevents binge eating, keeps your blood sugar steady, gets the metabolic system started and prevents weight gain. Even if it is just a little something, make sure that you have some kind of breakfast, preferably a healthy one.


Food for thought:

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. Auguste Rodin

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