About me.

Welcome to my blog. At the request of several friends & family members for recipes, I have taken to blogging. I figured this would serve as a place to record, store & easily access my recipes without having to worry as to which smart device I have it on!

In this age of technology, with hundreds & thousands of blogs out there, how is mine going to be different?

I am a working mother of two young children. I am out of my home for 12 hours everyday, yet strive to serve my family healthy meals daily. I cook everyday! While this is common place in India ( where I am from), it is not so here.In this fast-paced metropolitan city, everybody is rushing to get someplace. While majority of the  people eat out or get ready-to-heat meals, I am sure that there are quite a few moms out there who like me want to cook quick healthy meals for their family. This blog is for them. This blog is also for anyone who loves to cook, try new recipes, but is also health conscious. In this era of genetically modified food, increased pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics and additives, we all strive to eat healthy.Our body is a temple. We are what we put in it. I will be sharing recipes tried,tested and modified by me ,which are quick and easy to make with several shortcuts to the traditional recipes without compromising the taste of it. I hope to share a wide range of recipes spanning continents. My husband and I love to try different cuisines and hence a plethora of dishes are tried in my kitchen. While we are predominantly vegetarian, we do enjoy fish/ chicken once a week. I do not cook/ eat red meat, therefore you will not find recipes for that here. You may however occasionally find recipes where in I might have used turkey.

My mother(Amma) taught me how to cook at a tender age of eight. She is very frugal. From her I learnt how to utilize every part of a vegetable. I have never seen her waste food. She always cooked healthy. She could make one liter of coconut oil last an entire month until the next month's grocery shopping.She is innovative and quick. She is a very good cook and my best critic. She is yet to compliment me on my cooking!

Being a physical therapist for more than 15 years, promoting health has become second nature to me.I will be posting tips to promote better quality of life each time I share  a recipe.

Last but not the least, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. This blog aims for a holistic approach to living. Hence there will be some food for thought in all my posts.

I hope you will have as much fun reading & trying my recipes as I have writing about and sharing with you.

Please feel free to post your comments, healthy criticisms and feedback on this blog.

You may also contact me by emailing me at: sushealthyliving@gmail.com