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Ripe Mango Gojju by Jayashree T. Rao; Guest Post Series

I am sure all of you relished Anjana Devasahayam 's Zucchini Hakka Noodles! I know I did! I made them rice  noodles for dinner and my family just polished it! If you missed it last week, feel free to go back and check it out! You will find a picture of my version too! 

This week I have a guest blogger from my part of India, Jayashree T.Rao. She  is a friendly and enthusiastic freelancer blogger who  writes her cooking tales on EvergreenDishes. It is primarily a vegetarian blog with predominantly Indian recipes. Besides writing recipes, she also writes poems and articles. She believes in living life to the fullest and loves cooking for husband and teenage children. Her other interests are reading and gardening. She is a published writer who is sharing with us today, one of her favorite poems.


Nature is at its best,
Everything is beautiful
So blissful and delightful
Is it the mountains or river streams?
Flora or fauna, innumerable
That’s takes us out of this world
To a new exotic world.
It’s wonderful to see a seed
Sprout to a root and shoot,
Grows into a tree
The beautiful butterfly
Comes from a wiggly caterpillar
And the glowworm
Shining at night.

Strange are the ways
Of wild animals
They take more care
Of their young ones
Be it the mighty tiger,
Pouched Kangaroo or the
Mongoose from the snake.

She has brought us the recipe for Ripe Mango Gujju. It seems like a super easy & super delicious recipe, just the way I like it! I have a mango waiting for me at home to try this recipe with! Do check out all her other recipes at EvergreenDishes! She is giving away a book of handy hints to subscribers to her blog. It consists of hundred useful tips.

   Ripe Mango Gojju

Hello all,
    At the outset, I want to thank  Suchitra for inviting me to write a guest post on her blog. Blogging has introduced me to many people across the globe and she is one of them. Birds of the same feather flock together, goes the saying.  Quite true in our case,  foodies  exchanged comments and very soon we were friends.
         As the season of mangoes is coming to an end, I thought I will put a dish of the same. Again, till the next year, we will have to wait for this wonderful fruit.
          Mango gujju is a tasty and popular accompaniment made in Karnataka. It is sweet,tangy and spicy, all combined into one usually served with rice.  It can also be served with chapatti or dosa.
          Usually the small fibrous mango with sour taste are used. But I have used the regular mangoes which I had and thus added a little tamarind pulp. It  was ,delicious and liked by all. Over to the recipe now.


·         Mango 3
·         Tamarind pulp 2 tbsp
·         Jaggery 1tbsp
·         Green chilly 4
·         Salt to taste
For the seasoning :
·         Oil 1tbsp
·         Mustard seeds ½ tsp
·         Asafoetida a pinch
·         Urad dal ½  tsp
·         Curry leaves a few
·         Red chilly 1

Method :

1.       Wash the mangoes. Remove the stalk  and make small incisions with a knife at the tip.
2.       Put them to boil with three cups of water.
3.       The colour of the skin should change. This takes approximately ten minutes.
4.       Let cool.
5.       Remove the skin and leave it in the water.
6.       Put the pulp with the seed in another bowl.
7.       Squeeze the pulp.
8.       Extract the pulp from the skin and throw the skin away.
9.       Mix both the pulp together. It should be of medium consistency.
10.   Grind the chillies  and put in it.
11.   Put jaggery and salt to it. Mix altogether.
12.   Make seasoning in a small pan. Heat the oil and put the mustard seeds, as it crackles, add urad dal, red chilli, turmeric powder, asafoetida and curry leaves.
13.   Pour the seasoning over the prepared gojju and keep covered for fifteen minutes.
14.   Tasty mango gojju is ready to serve.

Take a tip:

·         If the mangoes are sour, there is no need of tamarind pulp. Add only jiggery,salt and chilly.
·         The quantity of jiggery differs accordingly. If the mangoes are sour, you will need more. If they are sweet, you will need less.
·         The taste of gojju  should be sweet, tangy and spicy.
·         Do not discard the seeds. They can be immersed in it and licked while eating.


I am bringing Jayashree's delicious  to all our friends at Throwback Thursday#43, Fiesta Friday#124  and Saucy Saturdays#49! Angie's co-hosts this week are  Lindy @ Love in the Kitchen and Liz @ spades, spatulas & spoons.

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