Friday, February 12, 2016

Protein-packed Bites with Chocolate Chips.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I had to make something sweet after all the savory items I have been making! Well, I must confess that I was kinda sorta forced into it. My 6-year old wanted me to make a Valentine's Day treat!

I figured we will make something that we could make together!! My daughter loves helping me in the kitchen. I didn't want it to be a sugary treat! I  wanted it to be healthy and nutrient rich . I remembered a Fit-girl recipe that I had come across.

I decided to improvise on it. I increased the amount of oats and rolled the shaped bites in toasted chia and sesame seeds, thereby making it even more protein rich! I also wanted to make it heart-shaped so I spread it on a baking sheet and used cookie-cutter to make heart-shaped. I rolled some of them in toasted chia seeds, a few in toasted sesame seeds and the rest in red and white sprinkles. 

The one with the sprinkles is for my kids. The chia and sesame seed ones are for me to eat while at work to curb the hunger pangs! It is perfect to snack on!

I am bringing these little goodies to my friends at Throwback Thursday #25, Fiesta Friday #106 and Saucy Saturdays.Angie's Fiesta Friday co-hosts this week are Steffi @ Ginger & Bread and Andrea @ Cooking With a Wallflower.

Servings: makes around 25 bites


Nut butter: 3/4 cup ( any nut butter will do; I used cashew butter).
Oat flour: 1 cup
Honey: 1 tbsp
Vanilla essence: 1 tsp
Chocolate-Chips: 3 tbsp
Chia seeds/sesame seeds: 3 tbsp, for rolling.
Sprinkles: 3 tbsp, for rolling


Toast the chia seeds/ sesame seeds by keeping it on a microwave safe plate in the microwave for 1 minute at a time, for a total of  2 minutes. Make sure you don't burn them.You can also toast them on the stove-top. Keep aside.

In a bowl, take the cashew butter, oat  flour, honey, vanilla essence & chocolate chips. Mix together to form a dough.

Spread the dough on a baking sheet/plate.It is preferred to line the plate/ tray with some wax paper. Keep it in the refrigerator for atleast 30 minutes.

Using a cookie cutter, cut out heart shapes ( or any shape that you desire) of all the available dough. Use the leftover dough to make little rolls using your fingers.

Take the sprinkles or the toasted sesame seeds/chia seeds in a small plate. Roll the prepared hearts and rolls in it.

Store in an airtight container.

Stays fresh for 3-4 weeks!

Enjoy! Happy Valentine's Day to all!!

Cooking made easy:

Oat flour can be easily made at home. Just add the desired amount of old fashioned or quick oats into a blender/ coffee grinder and powder it until it is finely ground. Store in an airtight container and use when needed.

Tip for healthy living:

Try to feed yourself and your family a balanced meal whenever possible.

Food for thought:

Love unconditionally, without expectations. Suchitra

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