Monday, October 26, 2015

Ragi Shevai / shemiyan( Finger millet vermicelli); Meatless Monday.

I personally avoid gluten as much as possible. I love vermicelli . We have a traditional home-made version of this where in we make vermicelli from rice, wheat and Ragi and is sun-dried. This can be stored for years!  Rice and wheat shevai/vermicelli are the more popular ones. Every time either when someone visits us from India or we visit India, I bring this for myself. During my recent trip to India, I was pleasantly surprised to find Ragi vermicelli so easily available. I am a big fan of Ragi ( finger millet) and use it a lot in my cooking. I regularly make Ragi Neer dosa, Ragi Phanna polo, Ragi masala dosa and even ragi porridge. When I made the vermicelli dish as a fasting recipe, I was pleasantly surprised. I couldn't stop eating! I ate a lot but my stomach felt light unlike other meals, which when we overeat we feel  bloated and uncomfortable. I  was eager to share this recipe with everyone. It is a super simple and easy recipe.

Servings: 2-3 ( 1-1 1/2 cup per person)


Dried ragi shevai ( finger millet vermicelli): 4 cups
Water: 8 cups
Salt: 1/2 tsp
Coconut oil: 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds: 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves: 1 sprig
Urad dal( matpe bean lentil): 1 tsp
Green chilies: 2 small, slit lengthwise
Freshly grated coconut: 1/4 cup
Sugar: 1 tsp


Boil water with salt in a pot. When it boils, turn of the flame and add the dried ragi Shevai  to the pot in such a way that the Shevai is completely immersed in it.

Close the pot and keep aside for 5 mins or until all the Shevai have changed color slightly and look soft.

Drain and keep aside. Make sure that you don't soak the shevai for too long as then the whole dish will be mushy! The Shevai has to be al dente.

Upon draining, if it looks a little clumpy, separate it using your fingers.

Heat coconut oil in a sauté pan/ kadai on medium heat. Add mustard seeds. Once it splutters, add the curry leaves, urad dal and green chilies. Saute for a few seconds.
 Now add the drained Shevai and mix well. Add sugar and more salt if needed. Add freshly grated coconut reserving a little for garnish.Turn off the gas.

Garnish with the remaining coconut. You can also sprinkle a little sugar on top, especially for little kids as it gives it a nice taste.

Serve hot .

For adults, it can be served with savory snacks like mixture or chips. Some like to eat it with a banana or even yogurt. I am bringing this to Throwback Thursday and Fiesta Friday.

Cooking made easy:

Make sure that the shevai is completely drained before adding it to the pan with the seasoning. Once the Shevai is drained, you can fluff it with a fork to ensure that it is not stuck to each other. You can also run the colander under cold water while draining so that it does not continue to cook.

Tip for healthy living:

You can add vegetables like peas, peas and carrots or mixed vegetables to this dish to make it even more healthier and balanced.

Food for thought:

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction. E.O. Wilson

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