Saturday, August 1, 2015

National Girlfriends Day; International Friendship Day

To all my girlfriends, Happy Girlfriends Day! Did you say "what??" Yes, I said " Happy Girlfriends Day!!" Did you know that such a day existed?? Well, I didn't either! Apparently, 1st August is celebrated as National Girlfriends Day. I do know that August 2nd is celebrated as international Friendship Day.I don't know who comes up with Mother's Day, Father's Day etc., but I do know who came up with National girlfriends day. This was apparently originated by Centers  for Disease Control and Prevention, USA.Well, whoever started it, I am all for celebrating girlfriends. They form an important  and integral part of our lives. Where would I have been without my girlfriends. In times of joy and sorrow, my best friends have stood by me, supporting me when I was down and celebrating all my happy events and milestones. Today, I would like to show my appreciation to them.

So, when I found out that Oscar Insurance was raising awareness for National Girlfriends Day,  I was interested in sharing with my readers information regarding health checkups that are needed for a woman during her lifetime and the importance of the same to live a safe and healthy life. They concentrate on helping members with their  health insurance plans to stay on top of these check-ups with many of their easy and stress free tools.  After all, the whole purpose of Su's Healthy Living is to promote a healthy lifestyle!! While eating healthy is essential, staying on top of your health is even more important. We should be tuned to our body just like we would be to our favorite vehicle, may be a car or motor bike or even a bike. How our car requires regular check-ups and servicing, our body does too. Most  people who work in the healthcare industry ,especially those like me, are mandated to undergo Annual Physical Examinations to clear us of any kind of disease that might make it difficult for us to work or be contagious to others. This forces us to go to our physician at least once a year. But how many from the general population do this?? My husband has not seen a doctor in the past 4 years! People generally have the thought that if we are not sick, why go to the doctor??

Like the adage says" Prevention is better than cure". Certain health issues can definitely be controlled/ prevented with regular visits to the doctor. As a physical therapist, I often tell my patients,especially the elderly ones:" you do not need me". What you need is to be active. The key treatment goal for most people is to lead an active life style. "Activity, activity, activity". Be active and most of your health issues will be at bay. It is funny, but now-a-days, I have to tell my younger patient population as well as the youth the very same thing. Too much time is spent sitting down with our gadgets that people have no time to move!! This is making our newer generation sick early. This combined with increased consumption of processed food and fast food, it is definitely making our newer generation ail with many ailments. Statics are alarming with regards to the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases and last but not the least, cancer. Our generation is aging faster than  our parent's and grandparent's generations. I often find that my senior population has fewer ailments than my middle-aged population!Hence, we need to be take charge of our health now and be more proactive. In this day and age, where we have so many screening tests available, we should take advantage of it. This is especially true for women who put themselves last.  We need to be well so that we can take care of our loved ones.We also know that quite a few health issues are more prevalent in females than males. Did you guys know that most preventive care is free of co-pays and deductibles?? That to me is all the more reason to advantage of the health insurance you have.Of course, please do check with your individual insurances.

Today, I am not bringing you any recipes that are food related. But I am bringing you a recipe for better health. Here it is guys! I sincerely hope you take advantage of the info graphics presented here , courtesy Oscar health insurance. Share it with just about everyone you care about. Get the social media on fire! Re-blog it, share it on Facebook, tweet about it , Pin it!! Sharing is caring!

I am bringing this to my wonderful, awesome, proactive friends at my dear Friend Angie's Fiesta Friday! Love you Angie for hosting this Fiesta week after week! Loretta@Safari of the mind and Jess@ Cooking is my sport are co-hosting this week's Fiesta! You girls rock!

My 6-year old daughter's thoughts about her friends

Happy friendship Day!! Happy girlfriend's day! 

Disclaimer: These are my merely my personal thoughts and opinion. Please consult your healthcare professional/physician before making any major lifestyle changes. 


Food for thought: 

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.