Sunday, October 5, 2014

Crunchy Aloo Gobhi for Vrat ( Potato-cauliflower stir fry)

This post was meant to be posted on Friday, 3rd October.That was my last day of fasting and after work, we rushed to the temple for Saraswathi pooja for the kids, came back home, did the laundry and when I actually sat to post this, I fell asleep on the laptop!!! Well, I did not want to not post this. So here it is!

Today is Vijaydashami. Vijaydashami marks the end of Navrathri. Vijay means victory and Dashami means ten. This day is also known as Dusshera. Dasha Hara is a Sanskrit word which means removal of ten bad qualities within you.These being:
Kama vasana (Lust)
Krodha (Anger)
Moha (Attachment)
Lobha (Greed)
Mada (Over Pride)
Matsara (Jealousy)
Swartha (Selfishness)
Anyaaya (Injustice)
Amanavta (Cruelty)
Ahankara (Ego)

 So on the 10th day of Navrathri, we end the fasting and celebrate the victory of good over evil. We have cleansed ourselves physically with the fasting and mentally by praying.

On this auspicious day, I present to you a nice, tasty easy to make cauliflower-potato stir fry that can be eaten when fasting ( vrat) as it does not have onions and garlic. For me, this is a perfect marriage between cauliflower and potatoes. Also I can achieve several objectives with just one dish. It is not to spicy so the kids are happy( of course, you can make it spicy if you wish to!). My husband loves the potatoes and I love cauliflower. I give all the potatoes to him and take mainly the cauliflower for myself. I love the roasted cauliflowers in this dish!Mmmm

I am bringing this dish to Fiesta Friday to Angie, Selma and Elaine who are co-hosting this week and all the wonderful gals out there.  I am sure they will love it!

Servings: 4-6


Cauliflower florets: 3 cups
Potatoes: 2 medium, peeled and sliced into thin wedges.
Coconut oil: 1 tbsp
Cumin seeds: 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder: 1 tsp
Haldi ( turmeric powder): 1/2 tsp
Red chilli  powder: 1/2 tsp ( adjust based on your spice level).
Garam masala powder: a pinch ( optional)
Salt: to taste


In a sauté pan or frying pan, heat oil. Add cumin seeds, sauté for 10 seconds.

Add haldi,coriander  and chilli powder.

Now add the cauliflower florets and sauté on medium heat until three-quarters tender. It should turn slightly brown and crisp. 

Now add the potato slices , salt and sauté for a minute. Cover and cook on low until the potatoes are tender. 

Add a pinch of garam masala powder, mix well.

Serve hot with steamed rice/ flat bread/bread.

Here is is served with corn tortilla and kale chips.



Cooking made easy:

If you are in a rush and want the cauliflowers to be cooked quickly, just put it in an oven-safe bowl and cook it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes before sautéing it in the pan. This significantly reduces the cooking time.

Tip for healthy living:

If you have an insect bite, make a paste of cornstarch with water, apply it to the area for 1 hour. The bite should feel significantly better.

Food for thought:

Romance is everything. Gertrude Stein