Monday, August 18, 2014

Shri Krishna Janmashtami Special

Yesterday was Shri Krishna Janmashtami ( Lord Krishna's Birthday ) which is celebrated with much pomp in India and all over the world by the devotees of Lord Krishna. This is celebrated by fasting all day and at midnight ( which is when Lord Krishna was born), the fast is broken with a feast served on plantain leaf.My earliest memories of this festival is my mother waking up early, taking a head bath( read washing hair too), preparing an array of delicious sweet laddoos ,prasadam  and a whole bunch of the traditional items and us eagerly awaiting the grand dinner at night. Everything has to be vegetarian but without the use of onion or garlic. No rice or rice containing items can be consumed throughout the day. Being so far away from home, I try to emulate my mother and follow tradition by making at least few of the traditional food items every year so that my children  will be familiar with our culture and traditions. We have a small prayer session which is followed by the dinner. We also go to the nearby temple. Last night by the time we were done with everything, I was too tired to post anything.

Here is my humble offering to Lord Krishna on a symbolic plantain leaf.

Clockwise: Rice with Chana saaru ( Black chick-pea rasam), Alvathi( collacacia leaves cooked in spicy ground coconut sauce), Lai undo ( Lai laddoo), Til undo( sesame laddoo), Godu phovu( sweet beaten rice ), mixed lentil panchkadai( mixed lentil with coconut and jaggery), Chana upkari( Black chick pea and sweet-potato stir-fry), Muga Dali Usli ( moong dal stir fry), valval( mixed vegetable stew.

Recipes for all items will be posted soon.