Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kele Upkari ( Raw Banana/ Plantain Stir-fry)

There is a particular variety of banana/ plantain that is used exclusively for cooking. I am not sure whether to call them bananas or plantains. We from South Kanara call it Randayi Kele( meaning curry banana)zIt is used when raw to make side-dishes. These are also known as Rollo bananas.

I have never known them being used when ripe.When I was little, i remember my mother growing them in our backyard. I am thankful to my mother for familiarizing me with all the flowers , fruits and vegetables. There was rarely a thing that my mother didn't grow in our yard! Coming back to raw bananas, I often make this dish as it is quick and easy to make, tastes delicious, is packed with nutrients and fiber and most importantly my kids love it!

Servings: 4


Raw bananas ( Rollo variety): 2 medium
Cooking oil: 1 tbsp ( I use coconut oil)
Garlic: 6-8 cloves ( chopped big and crushed)
Dried Red chillis: 2-3 ( depending on your spice level and that of the chilli).
Salt: 1/2 tsp


Wash the banana.

Using a sharp knife gently peel the rough outer fibrous green skin of the banana. ( once peeled, if kept in air for too long, the banana turns dark).

Chop the banana into small pieces and keep aside.

In a skillet/ wok , heat oil on medium heat. 

Add garlic and sauté for a minute until you smell the aroma of the garlic. 

Now add the chopped bananas. Sprinkle a little water. Reduce the flame to low. Cover and cook until done( not mushy),stirring in between to make sure it does not stick to the bottom of the skillet/pan. Generally takes around 15 mins.

Cooking made easy:

If you want to cook the above dish faster add 1/4 cup water to it and cover and cook. It should be done in 8-10 minutes.

Folks in India will have to use 1/4-1/2 cup of  water as vegetables in India tend to be firmer and take longer to cook.

Tip for healthy living:

To prevent wrinkles on your face,avoid using soap to wash your face. Soap dries up the skin and makes it more prone for wrinkles.Use a non-soap based cleanser to wash your face.

Food for thought:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Aristotle